Success Stories


[O] UI/UX Graphic Designer’s O-1 petition approved after successful RFE response 09/18/2018

The client is a graphic designer actively working in the field of UI/UX. Song Law Firm’s Immigration Team prepared and filed her O-1 petition package with extensive supporting evidence. After review, USCIS issued a Request for Evidence (“RFE”), requesting to submit additional documentation to demonstrate her lead or starring role in her previous projects based on the mere fact that she was a part of a team. In response to the RFE, our immigration attorneys prepared additional evidence to highlight the client’s roles, including additional testimonials from previous recommenders clarifying the client’s role as well as independent experts to describe the industrial standards and norms in this specific profession’s practice. After all, this case was approved within two weeks after submitting our response. Our client is now looking forward to commencing her career in the United States. Congratulations!