Success Stories


[O] Fashion Designer's O-1 petition approved 11/07/2018

The client graduated from fashion design school in New York. During her academic years, she had an experience in participating in a fashion week held in Asia, which received a significant attention from media. Although the USCIS does not give much weight to an applicant’s achievement at a student level, our experienced immigration attorneys at Song Law Firm argued that the authority and scale of the event clearly demonstrated her extraordinary ability as well as achievement of international recognition in the field of fashion design. Her previous O-1 petitioner was a relatively small fashion manufacturer, and as such even though she had been working under O-1 status her work samples were rather limited to show her performance in a lead role in projects with distinguished reputation. However, our experienced immigration attorneys at Song Law Firm prepared a full package by gathering as much evidence as possible to demonstrate our client’s updated performance during the past years including updated recommendation letters and portfolio. As a result, the client’s O-1 transfer case was approved successfully without any RFE again. Congratulations!