Practice Areas


Song Law Firm’s International law practice handles cases with an extensive breadth and depth of international issues. We work to advance the interests whether it may be protecting the interests of American businesses and individuals abroad, ensuring compliance with international agreements and treaties, or resolving trade disputes and negotiations.

International Trade
Trade agreements and the national trade laws directly influence the operations of corporations worldwide. For example, there are many complex trade agreements involved in making t-shirt to bring together American cotton, Chinese labor, and Korean design. In addition, in order for Korea products to be imported to the United States, the products must comply with and be approved by the FDA. Every nation’s laws are intricately integrated. Not only does Song Law Firm provide counsel regarding international agreements and compliance with national laws, but also trade disputes and negotiations to further the interests of our clients. Song Law Firm attorneys are experts in trade, knowledgeable in the law and culture of China, Australia, and Korea. Our global network with firms and attorneys around the globe provide great benefit and value so that we may better serve our clients.

International Arbitration
Song Law Firm will help you navigate the complexities of being involved in a lawsuit if you are out of the country or living in another state. Our team handles the full range of international and national legal issues encompassing international disputes. The international trade team and global network is backed by the full resources of our firm, including attorneys with extensive experience and a proven track record.