Success Stories


Credit Card and Medical Cost Debts Completely Cleared Through Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. 09/18/2020

COVID19 pandemic hit not only businesses but also many individuals. This client was in debt due mostly to personal credit cards and medical expenses amounting $80,000. Creditors and collection agencies had been consistent with their calls and attempts to collect from the client, but she was not able to pay. After careful review of her current financial status, Song Law Firm’s bankruptcy team filed a Chapter 7 bankruptcy for her. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a liquidation of debtor’s non-exempt assets (excluding primary house and car with minimal equity) that can be sold by a trustee assigned by the bankruptcy court to use the proceeds of to pay off or partially pay off your creditors. Although it is called liquidation, many times there are no assets, just like this client, to liquidate and you can gain approval to no longer pay back debts in a relatively short period of time. After bankruptcy hearings and meetings with creditor through video conferencing, we were able to successfully eliminate her all debts and ceased.