Success Stories


Rear ended car accident settled. 08/05/2022

Ever wonder why so many cars in NJ have the “bumper bully” pad on the butt of their cars? That rectangular piece of rubber with an angry bull mascot – an atrocious looking accessory that is surely not put on for its aesthetical value to the car – is for rear-endings, an everyday occurrence in New Jersey.
Our client was driving a car between two others at a traffic light. A car hit her from rear which pushed her vehicle into the car in front of her. We sued for her injuries. The car driver of the car in front of her testified that our client actually struck his car first! By most accounts, this was not true, but it left the third car as the only viable defendant. Though she had a good deal of neck pain, her findings on MRI testing reflected only disc bulges, not herniations or worse. Of course, this was good for her! Our client also had multiple steroid injections.
In terms of monetary recovery she was faced with a defense of the ‘permanent injury” requirement under NJ law. Despite an impending, tight deadline, we used some uncompensated medical bills to assist in building the injury case and settled the week before trial for $22,500.