Success Stories


[O] Violinist’s O-1 petition approved 12/27/2018

The client applied for an O-1B artist visa as a classical violinist through Song Law Firm and received an approval from the USCIS. She has been playing as a member of several orchestras, and did some solo performances for a number of ethnic community and/or music events, as well as serving as an instructor. USCIS issued an RFE requiring to submit additional documents to show her previous lead, critical, or starring roles (for example, as a principal violist of an orchestra in hierarchical position and as a renowned instructor) in distinguished events and organizations. We prepared requested additional documentation to successfully overcome the USCIS’s initial findings, specifically arguing that the mere fact she was not the principal violinist does not forbid finding of her lead, critical, or starring role in distinguished reputation under the regulation and caselaw. Congratulations!