Success Stories


[H-1B] [H] Architectural Designer’s H-1B Transfer Approved 04/11/2019

The client is an architectural designer who had previously received her H-1B visa status through Song Law Firm. She retained this firm lately to transfer her H-1B to a new employer, a prominent architectural firm in New York City. USCIS these days does not presume that all architecture-related designers’ positions necessarily require a bachelor’s degree for the position to be qualified as a “specialty occupation.” As such, the frequency of RFEs in an architectural designer’s H-1B cases questioning whether the offered position is a “specialty occupation” has significantly increased in recent years. Well knowing this trends, our Immigration Team prepared this case with extensive supporting documents to demonstrate that the offered position in the petitioner’s firm is a “specialty occupation” given that the position involves highly complex job duties requiring at least a bachelor’s degree in a specific field of study. Accordingly, this case was approved. Congratulations!