Success Stories


[Others] Song Law Firm helped a Minor client without Legal Status to obtain Permanent Resident Status Through Special Immigrant Juveniles Status. 10/23/2019

Song law firm represented a client who needed to receive the benefits of SIJS: Special Immigrant Juveniles Status. SIJS is a special immigration system that grants permanent residence in the United States to young people (Minor) who have been abused, abandoned, or neglected by all parents or by one of their parents. For this case, client immigrated to America in his childhood to flee from an abusive father. He came to America through ESTA visa but after his visa expired, he stayed in as an illegal immigrant. Fortunately, how you immigrated to America and your current visa status is not important to file for SIJS. Considering these factors, Song Law Firm’s Immigrant team filed SIJS for our client. Through our attorney’s many years of experience and developed skills, within just 6months after we filed for SIJS, our client was approved for permanent resident card without any interview. Client who had been struggling with their status for the past 10 years have been very happy to receive their green card sooner than expected.