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[Family Based] [FB] Overstayed Wife’s Green Card Approved Based on Bona Fide Marriage 02/28/2020

The client, a national of China, who had entered the U.S. 2009 as an artist and married to a U.S. citizen 3 years ago.

Since she had a pending employment-based green card application, she did not apply for permanent residence through her U.S. citizen husband. However, her employment-based application was pending for over 5 years for unknown reason and she failed to extend her O-1 status at some point, she consulted with Song Law Firm to resolve her status issue.

After in-depth consultation with our managing attorney who advised her to file a green card application based on marriage as she was clearly eligible for adjustment of status as a matter of law despite her current status. After thorough preparation of documents and interview, her green card was approved ultimately. Congratulations!