Success Stories


[O] [O] Lighting Designer’s O-1 Petition Approved 04/21/2020

The client was an F-1 design student who did not have an OPT period because she had used up her OPT after she received a previous degree in the same educational degree level.  Without an OPT period to build up her experience, we were permitted to only use the work she did during the summers pursuant to CPT program while she was a student.  She had limited experience and had participated in only a few design exhibition events that were directly related to her field.  Further, she participated in only one award competition in which she did not win any award.  We were able to find things related to her work and extracurricular activities to add ample significance to her package that demonstrated distinction in her field and to meet the standard of the O-1 classification as an extraordinary artist. This case was approved in 2 weeks even without an RFE! Congratulations.