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Song Law Firm Represented Client Seeking Divorce from Same-Sex Marriage 12/08/2020

Song Law Firm represented a client seeking divorce from her same-sex spouse. Along with the right to legally marry, marriage equality laws also give same-sex couples the right to divorce. In many ways the same rules apply, but there are some special issues to be considered in same-sex divorce cases because same-sex marriage has only recently been recognized in 2015. In every divorce case, the duration of a couple’s relationship is important because it impacts property distribution and spousal maintenance (alimony) between spouses. If a same-sex couple were living together before marriage became legal, the date of the marriage may create unfair property settlement and/or alimony issues. Here, the opposing spouse was attempting to shorten the duration of their relationship to reduce alimony. Thanks to our experienced family attorney’s successful rebuttal with strong evidence, our client was able to maximize her alimony through settlement.