[Legal Q&A] If a landlord wants to evict a residential tenant, does he have to give a separate eviction notice before starting an eviction lawsuit?


Reason for eviction Notice period
Tenant’s failure to comply with lease terms (other than non-payment of rent) 30 days
If a tenant does something illegal in your rented home 3 days
Your landlord decides to no longer rent your home. 18 months (Eviction proceedings can be started after the lease expires)
If the tenant disagrees with the terms of the renewed lease agreement 30 days
If a tenant vandalizes your rental property 30 days

If you want to evict a tenant for non-payment of rent in New Jersey, you do not need to give the tenant any notice. However, if the tenant has habitually paid rent late in the past and you have accepted this, you must give the tenant at least 30 days’ notice before starting an eviction action. You must also give the tenant a separate notice if the eviction is for something other than nonpayment of rent. The length of the notice depends on the reason for the eviction.

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