Client Whose Driver’s License Got Suspended Due to Inaction Was Able to Restore His License in a Timely Manner

A client in Korea retained Song Law Firm for his traffic ticket issued in New York. This client finished his college in New York and went back to Korea.

While he was attending a college in New York, he got a traffic ticket for reckless driving. However, the client failed to appear at the hearing as he had to return to Korea, and he has not followed up with this ticket since then. He now has a job offer from a New York company, and thus, has to move back to New York. Therefore, he retained Song Law Firm to find out whether there has been any warrant issued against him, and if so, to remove it so that he can drive again when he returns to New York.

Song Law Firm contacted the county court, where the ticket was issued, searched for the client’s driving record and history and realized that his driver’s license was suspended. Song Law Firm quickly and successfully remove the suspension and arrange the payment of overdue fines. Because of said professional service provided by Song Law Firm, the client could safely return to New York and is now able to drive in New York.

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