Success Stories


[Family Based] Previously removed alien’s immigrant visa issued 09/05/2018

The client’s U.S. citizen wife retained Song Law Firm to invite her husband to the U.S. as a permanent resident. During the initial consultation, the client’s wife informed us that the client had previously been denied admission at the port of entry after the admission officer found him inadmissible for his immigrant intent issue while he was attempting to enter the U.S. under Visa Waiver Program. To further clarify his history, our immigration team requested and obtained his immigration file under the Freedom of Information Act (“FOIA”). Upon our review of the file, he was not subject to the inadmissibility ground and qualified for immigrant visa as a spouse of U.S. citizen. Following the approval of I-130 family petition the U.S. citizen spouse filed with our assistance, the client attended the visa interview abroad with interview package and legal memorandum prepared by our team. The client was issued his visa stamp and is now in the U.S. with his lovely wife. Congratulations!