Success Stories


[O] [H-1B] Architectural Designer’s H-1B Visa Approved 12/15/2021

An architectural designer in OPT period has been approved for H-1B status. The client retained SONG Law Firm mid-way through their OPT period for a number of options, such as H-1B status, O-1 status, employment based immigration, etc. By “layering” her options, she increased the overall possibility of obtaining legal status in the U.S., and as a result she was selected in the H-1B lottery. USCIS’ current H-1B trend requires a sufficient showing that the proffered position is a specialty occupation. Facing USCIS’s Request For Evidence (RFE), we submitted additional corroborating evidence and built-up the client’s case in the strongest light possible. Ultimately, we were able to overcome the RFE and the client’s case was approved. Also, the client is still working with SONG Law Firm in pursuit of other permanent status options. Congratulations!