[O-1B 승인] We congratulate the visa approval of our Product Designer client.


Song Law Firm is happy to announce the news of approval!

Our client who is a product designer filed an O-1B visa petition with Song Law Firm and has been approved by the USCIS.

At the time when this application proces first started, the customer’s career or award history at the time was weak to proceed with the O-1B visa, and due to the nature of the job, the background was concentrated in the technology field rather than the art field stipulated by the USCIS, so there were many difficulties. However, Song Law Firm’s immigration team focused on the future rather than the present, and based on the know-how gained from many experiences with O-1B, we provide a guide to help you achieve the achievements and history that meet the requirements of letter of recommendation and O-1B visa. Thanks to the strategic efforts of our immigration team and the client, we were able to successfully create a petition that met the requirements of the USCIS, and finally proceeded to premium processing and received approval within a week. We congratulate our client on their approval and wish them all the best in the field in the future.

The O-1B visa is a visa that can be obtained by those with outstanding abilities in the field of art, film, and broadcasting. Meeting all the requirements of the USCIS while highlighting areas that can strongly appeal to one’s abilities or achievements, such as the O-1 visa, is not only difficult for an individual but also requires considerable time and effort. In particular, it is important to meet an experienced and communicative lawyer for visa approval for these specialties. Attorneys at Song Law Firm’s immigration team have unparalleled experience and approval experience in immigration cases as well as O-1A and O-1B visas, and give priority to communication with clients. Also, from these many experiences, they are quickly exposed to the latest visa and immigration trends, and they are also quick to read and adjust to the latest trends of the USCIS.

If you have any questions about whether you have approval or qualifications for a visa in your specialized field, please contact Song Law Firm.

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