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Being rear-ended is the worst.

With the multitude of cars on Garden State Parkway, you could be the safest driver in the world and the danger of being rear-ended will persist. Unfortunately, our clients experienced that danger.
Today’s success story is about two clients of ours who were struck in the rear on Garden State Parkway. Seeing the upcoming traffic congestion, our client slowed down and was consequently struck by another vehicle. Our client who was driving sustained injuries to the neck, back, shoulder and knee with 2 claimed herniations and interstitial tearing in the right shoulder. He did not have any epidural injections or surgery. By collecting the liability limit from the driver’s policy ($25,000) plus $15,000 of his underinsured motorist coverage, we attained a grand settlement of $40,000 for this client.
His co-passenger sustained injuries to the neck, in the form of disc bulges, and the back. Her treatment was limited by COVID-19 concerns and a pregnancy. Still, we were able to settle her claim for a total of $18,000 from liability carrier.

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