‘Copyright infringement’

Many Koreans know that it is illegal to watch movies, Korean dramas, and entertainment programs through shared folders, but the fact is that they cannot resist the temptation. The federal government knows that these piracy are overtly happening, but they’re out of control.


A California man was recently found guilty of illegally uploading entire films to the Internet before the release of “The Revenant” and “The Peanut Movie,” and a court ordered $1.12 million in damages. This is also a testament to the federal government’s unwillingness to stand still against aggressive piracy by uploading illegal movies.


Federal law protects individual copyright. Unless there are exceptions stipulated by law, such as use for educational purposes, if a movie, book, or photo made by another person is copied and uploaded to the Internet or used without permission, it is considered copyright infringement.


The court determines the amount of compensation based on the actual damages suffered by the copyright holder as a result of copyright infringement. Reimbursement can range from $200 to as high as $150,000 per work. In addition, the person who infringes the copyright may be liable for attorneys’ fees or court filing fees in accordance with the copyright holder’s lawsuit, apart from the amount of fines or compensation. Of course, if the degree of damage is severe or if it causes a big social controversy, the court may order the infringer to imprisonment.


One of the things courts look for when determining copyright infringement is whether the party claiming to own the copyright really legally owns the copyright. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you have your own copyright in the videos, texts, and photos you create through a lawyer. Also, if someone else is using your videos, texts, or photos without your permission, it is important to discuss this with a lawyer and get appropriate compensation.


If you have any questions about copyright, please feel free to consult with Song Law Firm.


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