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Do you think divorce is the end? No, you must know what follows even after divorce!

“The person will never contact you since you divorced.”

If one gets a divorce, is the relationship between the two completely over? Just like how marriage is a painstakingly long process with many things to consider, so is divorce. Divorce is not simply a matter of resolving legal issues and concerns. One dare must not think that everything is good and clean because the court made all their decisions on the divorce case. However, even after a settlement, the agreed conditions can change or there can be a forceful implementation of agreed conditions.

Post-Judgment Motion is a family-law legal process that allows you to ask the court to revise some of the rulings or force the court to implement the agreements, as the situation changes even after the divorce decision. Through this motion, you can apply for adjustment or modification of child support expenses, modification of child support rights, and adjustment of interview negotiation rights. For example, it may be difficult for a husband who was paying child support to send the agreed child support for a long time due to immediate financial difficulties, such as unemployment, accidents, and reduced salaries, due to sudden circumstances after divorce. At this time, you can apply for Post-Judgment Motion, which requests a reduction in child support expenses, and adjust child support expenses according to the current situation.

Take another example of a Squid Games that has recently become popular worldwide. In the film, actor Lee Jung-jae’s role, “Sung Ki-hoon,” graduated from public high school and got a job at an automobile company, but he was fired and had to work in a chicken restaurant and snack bar businesses. To make matters worse, he was divorced and his mother’s surgery expenses suddenly incurred. But then he managed to beat the huge stakes of Squid Games and win a big prize of 45.6 billion won. If the situation before and after the divorce was completely different, wouldn’t the ex-wife have a different idea about child support than at the time of the divorce? So what should we do? This is when you have to think about Post-Judgment Motion. Unlike the previous situation, the size of the other party’s assets has increased rapidly, so you can ask the court to allow you to receive a larger amount of child support than the child support that was ruled at the time of the divorce.

As such, some of the divorce agreements, including child support expenses, can be applied for changes even after divorce depending on the situation. Preparing for this Post Judgment Motion requires a detailed review of existing divorce rulings, clear evidence and documents to convince the court of the changed situation, thud the help of a skilled and experienced lawyer.

If the situation has changed dramatically since the divorce, but you are hesitant that you have been sentenced to divorce, consider the Post Judgment Motion, where you can request a revision of the ruling. If you have any further questions, please contact us at

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