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Having trouble transferring your property in Korea? Song Law Firm is here to ensure it goes smoothly.

An owner of a property in Korea had hired Song Law Firm to represent her in the transfer of an ownership. When her father passed away, he handed down the property to our client and her brother. But since our client was a U.S. citizen, she decided to have the property transferred to her brother. Initially, she prepared the documents all by herself. However, the documents she had submitted were returned for revision. Not knowing what further action to take, she decided to seek legal help from Song Law Firm. As soon as her case was filed, an attorney well-versed in property law of the two countries not only prepared the necessary documents in English and Korean, but also got an apostille (a certification needed on documents to be used in a foreign country) so that they could be submitted to a relevant party in Korea. Our client was very happy with the outcome of her case and was grateful for Song Law Firm’s services.


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