Successfully settled a customer’s case involved in a crash for $115,000

Never blame the car that’s rear-ended, only blame the one who does the rear-ending.

You know you’re in New Jersey when drivers get impatient, switch lanes, and cause a big rear-end accident that holds up the entire highway. Your eyes slowly move to the GPS app, seeing the ETA change from 8 minutes to a drastic 42 minutes. You probably mutter under your breath “Drive safely you dumb driver.”

But remember, never blame the car that’s rear-ended, only blame the one who does the rear-ending.

Today’s story is about a 38-year-old client was driving on the ramp from Route 4 east to Route 9W north when she was rear ended by another vehicle. As a result of the impact, she had cervical disc bulges, one low back annular tear, a left hip tear and a right displaced fracture of the hip at the acetabulum. Hence, our client had to undergo a diagnostic arthroscopy of the left hip and received a steroid injection.

After an initial offer of $75,000, we were able to settle her case without filing a lawsuit and fought for a higher settlement offer, eventually receiving a final offer of $115,000.


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